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Ottawa Song - 1982

by Chris McCann | Capital City

The History of Capital City, Chris McCann’s Ottawa Song

Read the Ottawa Sun article by Ron Corbett, which originally appeared in the Ottawa Sun Newspaper on  April 21, 2013. Click Here or on the Ottawa Sun logo. Another page will open in your browser.

You’ve got to check out this video from 19whatwasthat? It’s from one of the original Ottawa Heart Institute Telethons. What a blast! And what a band! Joe Turner, Craig Kennedy and Jon Park Wheeler on guitars, Bobby Lalonde on fiddle, Al Bragg on steel, Fred Pantalone on drums, and Dave Poulin on bass.


And how about this gem?

So many stars! Christmas in the Valley was a wonderful project that lasted for many years and benefited the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, or CHEO. If you haven’t seen this video, or simply haven’t seen it in a long time, have a look. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it – even if it isn’t Christmas!!